lie that made me

The Lie that made me

They called me The Scary Movie because of the terror I caused on road feeding my thousand pound a day drug habit. This is my true life story. After a total of 23 years behind bars, re-learning how to walk and finally kicking that drug habit. I can admit I made a lot of mistakes. I decided to tell this story as my way of giving something back to the community. Its very important to me that the next generation learn from the many mistakes I made. I missed to much of my life behind bars, from my children growing up, to all of my friends and family who died while I was away and the funeral of my baby mother because of her drug over dose. I’m 51 years old now and I’ve almost missed the opportunity I had to build a life for me and my family. My IPP finishes when I’m 134, which means, even though I have been released from prison, I’m pretty much still there because probation have the right to see me whenever they like until the day I die. My story is the harsh reality of what happens when you don’t listen to the people who love you, choose the wrong path in life and ultimately give your life to road… After reading this, I don’t think you will still want this life.

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