Happy Kwanzaa

London’s Finest would like to wish everyone a Happy Kwanzaa..

For those that don’t know, Kwanzaa is based on ancient African Harvest celebrations. On each day we light a red black or green candle and commit to applying a different principle to our every day lives.

The 7 principles are called The Nguzo Saba.

Closing date for London’s Finest Poetry book submission

London’s Finest will be releasing a London’s Finest Poetry book in 2019.

Anyone who thinks their poetry is good enough to be part of the London’s Finest Poetry book, please submit your poetry to info@chrissibia.co.uk before the 11th of January for the chance to be featured.

A Night With The Authors

London’s Finest Distribution in association with Access Uk Presents..

A Night With The Authors

Have you ever considered writing a book?

Is there literary genius in you just waiting for that spark you need to let it all out?

Well help is at hand!

Come meet & greet the Authors at, ‘A Night With The Authors’ and hear some of their

personal experiences, along with some Spoke Word Poetry.A

Available Aug 16, 2018

Smile for the camera

Polictics does it really make any difference?

We do no have a lot of black people in parliment? Is this due to the lack of reading?