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London’s Finest Distribution is proud to announce partnership with a newly formed Charity called, Learning Foundation Development.  

Learning Foundation Development, or LFD for short was created to aid in young people and ex offenders development, either after incarceration, or in conjunction with Schools. To fill the missing gaps in our Educational System. 

We will be running Programmes to assist with all aspects of Personal Development, and relaunching our initiative, Making Bags With Books. Which gives people the opportunity to make money selling books.


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Stories are your life on paper, make no mistake the things that happen in your life, you may not find interesting but others do. If you have had an unbeliveable experience, telling your story could set you free.

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Meet Chris Sibia

July 23, 2020

Where will you find me?

I have aligned myself with Gangs Unite CIC which is based in my local area and work closely with them on a day to day basis. We have a lot of new and very exciting projects coming soon, and I can be found there most days. Black Wall Street London is also another relatively new but very exciting organisation that I work closely as a Promoter and Guest Speaker so you can find me there on the 1st Saturday of every month selling books and promoting goods and services.