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My name is Chris Sibia, founder of London’s Finest Distribution. A Book Publishing Company that myself and business partner Burnie Brightly formed in 2016.

It started with A Product of My Environment that was written by me in memory of my son.

As a young boy growing up, some of the things I did, I always thought it would be good if I wrote a book about it. But, at the same time I was quite a private person. So I really never intended on telling my story, until the day after I buried my son. The police caught up with me and took me to jail. It was at this point I decided in my Son’s loving memory, I would tell my story to encourage young people to read more, and enjoy reading sooner rather than later. As I saw for myself how much it had changed my life for the better.

When my book was finished, I decided that I was going to self publish. This is where London’s Finest Distribution was born.

After Publishing A Product of My Environment, I decided to help other people tell their stories and also leave legacy and a positive footprint for the world to remember them by.

To date I have written and published 3 books including mine A Product of My Environment, It’s On Top and The Lie That Made Me and my business partner has published 1, In The Beginning before we joined forces.

Books I’m currently working on are The Floyd Jarrett Story. His take and opinion on the first Broadwater Farm riots, after the untimely death of his Mum. The Metro Down Beat Story, widely considered the true Lord of The English Sound System. Way before Coxson Sound, Saxon Sound and David Rodigan. His story is the foundation of the Reggae Music Culture we have grown up with here in the Uk. Mistri the legendary Soul DJ, Dennie Rowe, the founder of Saxon Sound and many others.

I have also launched an initiative called Making Bags With Books, that gives young people and ex convicts the opportunity to make money selling the books that I publish, along with other publishers who want to be part of the initiative.

Our ethos at London’s Finest Distribution is, let’s be the foundation our children can build on.


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Burnie Brightly Elder

This book is a collection of short stories, written to share some of my treasured childhood, adolescent and adult memories and experiences with you. Beginning from around the year 1960, as a first generation English Jamaican and penned in my own style and manner. I use Jamaican Patwa in parts, because that was an integral part of our upbringing and culture, even though we were encouraged by our parents not to use the dialect in public. Despite this, Patwa is now global and great fun to use, as seen in the youth of today. The stories are a reminder that even the bad times can seem good eventually and our life experiences are what make us who we are. Please have as much fun reading these stories, as I had writing them. ‘Yuh g

It’s on Top

Guns followed me ever since my Dad made me a boy soldier. Drugs soothed the pain of my Mum’s untimely death and murder is engrained in the fabric of the London, outsiders don’t see. IT’S ON TOP The Reggie Stepper Story Is my true life account of a sex fuelled, drug induced Leytonstone (L Stone) Don, here to tell you going to jail is definitely not glamorous and getting shot is not like you see it in the movies. “You might just piss your pants like I did.”

New Charity 

Learning Foundation Development

Learning Foundation Development is a new Charity that myself Chris Sibia has been asked to be part of as a Trustee. If you are interested in joining the team or able to donate any educational supplies. Please contact us via our contact page and help us be the foundation our children can build on.